Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Welcome to The Other Way

We are very excited to be sharing this blog with you!

We expect great things from our trip, and we want to include all of you in our adventures.

To avoid treating the blog as a newspaper column, and hoping to make it more dynamic and interactive, we invite you to respond to our posts, comment or ask questions.

Access to the internet will be limited for the majority of the trip. However, every chance we get, we will be more than happy to reply to your comments and answer your inquiries. Of course, your words and support will also give us strength to carry on when we need it most.

This picture was taken over the summer in Galicia, where in 2011 we first decided to embark on this trip.

Last but definitely not least, we wish to express our utmost gratitude to our families, whose unconditional support has made this trip possible.


  1. Bromigoo! So excited for you & little muneca!! Thank you for documenting this incredible nomadic journey! Enjoy the growth, adventures, and love. Can't wait to see y'all again!! Love you both!! Buena Suerte!!!

  2. Aquí estaré, leyendo todas vuestras cosas!!

  3. aquí me tendréis como fiel seguidora, marcaré este blog!!!
    mucha suerte a los dos y mucho ánimo!!!